Benefits of using an Accessible Bathroom Consultant.

Benefits of using an Accessible Bathroom Consultant.

Detailed below are some of the benefits of using an Accessible Bathroom Consultant.

1. Having someone “on your side.”

Being “on your side” can be a reassuring and invaluable aspect of the support provided by Manchester based Accessible Bathroom Consultants. This approach ensures that your needs, preferences, and circumstances are met with understanding throughout the decision-making process.

Accessible Bathroom Consultants are committed to providing comprehensive support, striving to assist you at every step of the way. Our goal is to guide you in making informed decisions, offering independent and unbiased advice, and standing by your side to ensure the choices align with your needs and preference

Benefits of using an Accessible Bathroom Consultant.

2. Avoid making costly mistakes.

We want to assist you, not only through the design and installation of your disabled / accessible bathroom project process but also in optimising cost efficiency by minimising unnecessary expenses and navigating away from any potential costly mistakes. Highlighted below are three authentic complaints from 3 different clients (and there are many more) who engaged three separate companies for their bathroom installations and as minor as their complaints maybe, it still has appeared to cause them a level of stress.

Our approach is to eliminate any ambiguities, providing you with transparency and reliability throughout.

Benefits of using an Accessible Bathroom Consultant.

Complaint 1

Not the correct shower tray ordered by tradesman, which delayed installation. 
Then developed a leakage as soon as started to use shower after it was changed, sealant appeared not to be well installed around shower. He returned but stated that the leakage was already present which we both know it wasn’t. 
When you spend over 2k on a project you would expect to at least have a decent finish, not need to return 3 times for supposedly a 2-day job which effectively took under 2hours on the first day and half a day or less on the second day. 

Complaint 2

Unfortunately, the workmanship was very poor. The tiler just randomly placed the tiles down without matching the design. He left cracked tiles & didn’t replace them. There are floor tiles slightly raised. He removed the sink and toilet in the cloakroom. To place tiles down and put the sink back off centre and didn’t even bother to fix the the toilet back properly.

We chose the initial tiles and he said he could get a better quality elsewhere. We left him to it only to find the tiles were nothing like the ones we originally chose so he had to take them up and replace with the ones we originally wanted then we had to pay for his mistake as we then had to pay for two lots of tiles. We have saved a long time for this work to be done and it has cost us dear. I would and could not ever recommend someone use this man for tiling or plumbing. I’m happy to provide pics of the poor workmanship.

Complaint 3

We struggled with xxxxxx  from the start of our bathroom refurb with poor communication, delays, lack of transparency on costs/purchases and questionable workmanship (we had to have walls replastered twice and the sink refitted 2 days after it was fitted as was already leaking). Less than 2 months after completion we have tiles coming away from the wall (above the shower head which means it’s not safe to use the shower), holes in the grout, sealant coming away from the bath and the radiator doesnt work. We are having to get the job totally re-done.

3. Professional assessment.

With a wealth of experience exceeding 35 years in the specialised bathing and showering sector, Accessible Bathroom Consultants have a vast amount of knowledge providing independent and professional services for your disabled / accessible bathroom needs. Engaging our expertise not only brings a level of professionalism to your project but also serves as a reliable means to alleviate stress. Our commitment extends to crafting a thorough plan of action, ensuring transparency, and mitigating the risk of unforeseen or hidden costs. With Accessible Bathroom Consultants by your side, you can embark on your disabled / accessible bathroom transformation journey with confidence and peace of mind.

Benefits of using an Accessible Bathroom Consultant.

4. Propper planning and budgeting.

With an extensive track record in planning all types of specialist bathrooms, Accessible Bathroom Consultants bring a wealth of experience, successfully completing over 500-bathroom projects while adeptly navigating within clients’ budgets. Our commitment goes beyond project completion; we actively assist clients in fully utilising their budgets, striving to cut costs wherever possible without compromising the quality and functionality of the outcome.

Benefits of using an Accessible Bathroom Consultant.

5. Reliable network.

Over many years, Manchester based Accessible Bathroom Consultants have cultivated partnerships with a diverse and reliable network of companies within the specialist bathing and showering sector. We take pride in our association with these reputable companies and would be delighted to recommend or introduce them to our clients. This network includes trusted companies that excel in various aspects of bathroom projects, ensuring that our clients have access, ultimately contributing to the success and satisfaction of their specialised bathing and showering project.

Benefits of using an Accessible Bathroom Consultant.

6. Getting it right.

With over 35 years of expertise in the specialist bathing and showering sector, Manchester based Accessible Bathroom Consultants, have a unique access to manufacturers and key distributors that may not be readily available to the public. This exclusive access streamlines the process of sourcing product equipment and materials, potentially saving you time, effort, and money.

Benefits of using an Accessible Bathroom Consultant.

7. Third party decision making.

Embarking on a new disabled / accessible bathroom project is more than just a straightforward plumbing exercise; it entails a comprehensive approach that can involve adjusting and enhancing the bathroom layout for space efficiency, carefully sourcing equipment, and materials, and coordinating various trades. The decision-making process can be overwhelming, and there are instances where clients may benefit from independent support to navigate these choices efficiently.

Accessible Bathroom Consultants, who are based in Manchester are equipped with extensive experience, knowledge, and capabilities, excel in gathering the various viewpoints and perspectives. We specialise in assembling a comprehensive plan and design package tailored to distinguish what is best for each client. Our commitment is to guide you through the intricate decisions, ensuring your new disabled / accessible bathroom project not only meets functional requirements but also aligns seamlessly with your preferences and needs.

Benefits of using an Accessible Bathroom Consultant.

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