How important are accessible bathroom site surveys?

Bathroom Site Survey

How important are accessible bathroom site surveys?

“A site survey is the examination of a location or spot to obtain data or information. This information includes feasibility reporting and estimation of cost and the time required to perform a certain task.” (Wikipedia)

A site survey is one of the most important and essential parts of planning an accessible bathroom adaptation and without the correct information, there could be problems ahead.

Different specialist bathroom companies have different methods of conducting their surveys, some are more focused on achieving a “same day sale” offering basic site surveys, whilst some companies concentrate more on the installation side of the adaptation or just concentrate on the equipment side or a combination of both. These different methods of site surveys are all in practice today and have been for many years and providing the company is successful using their own method, there is no reason to change. In my opinion, the more information and detail gathered at the start, the chances are there will be less problems or grey areas encountered at the end.

Experience and organisation are key elements of carrying out a site survey, but generally there is no set plan or format, so I can only express how Accessible Bathroom Consultants operate and format a detailed site survey.

What is a site survey:

A site survey is used to measure and draft a plan that forms a basis to create an accessible bathroom. Taking measurements to gain a basic idea of the space, equipment placement and arrangement whilst trying to produce a bathroom flow with functionality are important factors, which will help determine the overall design of the bathroom and help produce a detailed quotation. Dimensions such as the width and depth of the room are not the only particulars to consider whilst measuring a bathroom, other details are required to get a complete understanding of the bathroom such as floor to ceiling measurements, door position and opening, window dimensions, openings and positioning, boxing which may conceal pipework, wall structure, soil pipe position, outside drainage, electrics and so on, are all vital requirements to a site survey.

In depth details of the bathroom is essential but just as important, is understanding the clients “needs and wants.” Without knowing or understanding an individual person’s requirements for a new accessible bathroom, how would the surveyor know what is required?  Listening and gathering a clients input and ideas, no matter how small the detail, is always very helpful and significant in understanding what they would like out of their new accessible bathroom that will help serve their short and long-term mobility issues. All this information will support forming a more accurate and detailed quotation to suit the individual client.

With Accessible Bathroom Consultants and is often the case of other reputable companies carrying out detailed surveys, notes are taken, with the initial survey drafting being drawn manually on site, including all dimensions no matter how trivial the dimensions may seem, and this is backed up with photos taken of the bathroom for reference. More accurate and polished plans are drawn up later with the help of professional software.

With a clear picture of a client’s requirements together with the detailed bathroom information, a comprehensive quotation & schedule can be provided, not only benefiting the client, but also benefiting the bathroom contractor who will be able to see a well-defined outline of the proposed works.

Some key factors what a site survey should include:

  • Client’s preferred bathing requirements to suit their mobility, short and long term.
  • Consider other bathroom users and / or carers requirements.
  • Client’s ideas on cosmetics / aesthetics of the bathroom.
  • Detailed existing bathroom measurements.
  • Notes on existing plumbing & electrics.
  • Drawing of existing bathroom
  • Photos of existing bathroom for reference.
  • Leave contact details for any additional questions clients may have.


Accessible Bathroom Consultants are not salespeople pushing to make quick decisions, we just want to help clients make the right decision. We can assist in many ways by providing an all-round friendly, professional service which include detailed accessible bathroom schedules and plans ready to for hand over to client & bathroom contractor.

Sample Plan:


Sample Site Survey Sheet:

Ref:Main Header:Demolition:Metre: Notes:Equipment:Date:Completed:
101Skip HireAllow for skip / rubbish removal.Specify
102BathTake out existing bath, panels etc and dispose of.
103Toilet Take out toilet and cistern and dispose of.
104Wash Hand BasinTake out wash hand basin, taps, pedestal and dispose of.
105ShowerTake out existing electric / mixer shower unit, blank off and dispose of.Specify
107TilesTake out existing tiles on walls, make good, bag, and dispose ofPer Sq. m
108Flooring Take out existing floor covering and dispose of.Per Sq. mSpecify
201First Fix PlumbingFirst fix plumbing to include: reroute / alter hot, cold, and waste pipework to service new wet floor former, shower unit, wash hand basin, toilet pan & cistern.Specify
202Dry LineDry line wallsPer Sq. mSpecify
203Wet Floor Installation of wet floor former and gravity waste.SpecifySpecify / Supply
204Tiling – WallsPrepare walls to accept new tiles. Tile walls with waterproof, flexible, adhesive, grouted up in white waterproof, flexible grout and polish off.Per Sq. mSpecify / Supply
205FlooringPly floor with 6 mm thick WBP quality plywood sheeting over the existing timber flooringPer Sq m
205Flooring Lay anti slip flooring to include heat sealing (if required) and silicone edges, sanitarywarePer Sq. mSpecifySpecify / Supply
207Flooring Coved edges for anti-slip flooringPer Lin. MSpecifySpecify / Supply
208Full Height Glass PanelInstallation of full height glass panel and support bracket.SpecifySpecify / Supply
209Flipper PanelInstallation of adjustable flipper panel to full height glass panel.SpecifySpecify / Supply
210Shower Unit Install new mixer shower unit, slider rail and hose.New PositionSpecify / Supply
211Toilet Install new toilet pan and cisternSame PositionSpecify / Supply
212Wash Hand Basin – Vanity UnitInstall new vanity unit, wash hand basin, taps waste.New PositionSpecify / Supply
213Shower Seat Install new shower seatSpecifySpecify / Supply
214Grab RailInstall new grab railSpecifySpecify / Supply
215Seal & TestSilicone, seal, and test installed equipment
216Skip HireSkip return
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