Take your time!

Take your time!

It is important when considering a new accessible bathroom to take your time and map things through efficiently. You should be organised and have a plan, even if you are preparing for minor changes. A good accessible bathroom design should accommodate everyone’s needs, making the most of the space available and creating as good as flow as possible in the bathroom so it makes it more functional, whilst also making sure that it looks aesthetically pleasing to an individual’s taste. If you do not create a plan or even prepare in some way, it is more likely that mistakes or misunderstandings will happen, and problems are more likely to occur. I have listed below some suggestions that will help reduce or possibly avoid mistakes, misunderstandings or problems when taking on a new accessible bathroom project.

  1. 1. Have a good idea of what type of equipment you would like, for example:
  • Walk in shower
  • Specialist bath
  • Wet room
  • Bath lift
  • Specialist toilet
  • Walk in Bath
  1. Do some basic research:
  • Internet search engines.
  • Ask family or friends who may have had a recent bathroom adaptation.
  • Make enquiries for product brochures / information.
  • Contact social services / Occupational Therapists for advice.
  1. Choosing the right product type:

Choose products / equipment that will work for you, not only in the short term but also in the long term.

  1. Plan your bathroom:

With the information you have gathered, draw out a basic bathroom design / plan. It doesn’t have to be exact and don’t get caught up in the detail such as: pipework / moving the basins etc. A professional tradesperson / company will advise what is achievable.

  1. Budget:
  • Decide whether you want a “complete supply and fit service” or “labour and materials only service.”
  • Set out a budget that is affordable but is also realistic.
  • Get three quotations from professional tradesperson/bathroom companies.
  • Make sure the quotes are detailed and in writing, so there are no grey areas.
  1. Choosing a company:
  • Look at as many of a company’s reviews on the internet, this is a good indicator of sales, installation levels and after sales.
  • Local installations you could look at.
  • Choose a reputable, experienced, and knowledgeable tradesperson / bathroom company to carry out works you require.
  • You can check out tradesperson/bathroom companies online through online sites.
  1. Site Surveys:

The bathroom company that you choose, should carry out a detailed site survey. This is one of the most important areas from a bathroom companies’ perspective, to gain all the vital information needed to carry out a successful adaptation for an accessible bathroom.

By carrying out at detailed site survey, it will help avoid grey areas.

Please see my blog on “Are site surveys important.”

  1. Purchasing products / equipment:
  • If purchasing your products / equipment, make sure they are “on site” before the install starts.
  • Make sure the products are checked for any damages and that everything is complete.
  • Liase with the tradesperson / bathroom companies to make sure they are familiar with installing your products / equipment.
  1. Salespeople:
  • Don’t buy on emotions, always give yourself thinking time.
  • Don’t be bullied into a sale – The “deal” will still be there a few days or a week later.
  • If you are “not sure,” don’t be rushed into making a decision.
  • Have a family member or friend present.
  • Ask questions and take notes.
  1. Final details:
  • Before any deposits are paid or work commences, go through the final bathroom design / plan and the quotation to make sure everything has been covered and agreed and that there no grey areas.
  • Deposits may be required (this depends on the company) but leave a final payment until the work is completed.
  • Deposits / payments may also be required if the company is ordering specialist products / equipment. Make sure all the product / equipment details are correct.

Help & Advice:

Prestwich based Accessible Bathroom Consultants offer impartial and independent advice, along with a first-class personal service. We are experienced in all aspects of accessible, disabled or specialist bathrooms. We can help in the following areas:

Product Positioning

Detailed Specifications

Accessible Bathroom Plans / designs

Product Sourcing

Project management

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